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1. How do i get FB88 mobile on my phone?

FB88 offers you two ways to bet from your phone:

  • FB88 Mobile: Go to m.FB88.com to enjoy our product, designed for your Smartphone.
  • FB88 WAP: Our existing WAP site is still available at wap.FB88.com

2. How to access FB88 when i do not have smart phone?

All of our services require your mobile phone to have GPRS and WAP enabled. Simply navigate to wap.FB88.com from your phone and log in with your existing FB88 username and password in order to enjoy our stripped down and super fast WAP Sportsbook.

Additionally, our JAVA applications will require your mobile phone to have JAVA technology enabled

3. How do i access FB88 wap?

  • Make sure your phone is internet enabled. Please check with your mobile service operator for this.
  • Open the internet browser in your phone and visit wap.FB88.com
  • Log in with your FB88 username and password.
  • Choose your favorite bets and enjoy super-fast betting on the move with FB88 WAP!

4. I can’t access wap?

There are countless phone models, browsers, operating systems and service providers, and as a result there can be many different reasons why you may not currently be able to enjoy FB88 WAP. Please contact our Customer Service Team who will be happy to advise and help you if you encounter an issue with our WAP site.

5. How do i know if my phone is compatible with FB88 mobilke?

FB88 Mobile is compatible with a wide range of phones and we are constantly working to ensure more models are fully supported. If you encounter a problem while using our mobile site from your phone then please contact us so we can look into it further.

6. Can i use mobile site to register FB88 account?

Yes, you can register a new account with FB88 by clicking Sign Up on m.FB88.com and filling in the registration form.

7. What happends if i lose connection while placing a bet?

Should you lose connection whilst using FB88 Mobile, you will be able to resume using the site once the mobile signal is restored. A bet is not confirmed unless a bet receipt number has been displayed and you can check all bets from the Statement section on the FB88 Mobile Lobby.

8. Do I need to be connected to the internet to access FB88 mobile site?

Yes, as long as you are connected to Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G / 5G to enjoy mobile experience.

9. Am i affected by content blocking?

Some network operators may be blocking certain types of content and services which should only be available to users over 18 years of age. Your mobile network operator will require verification that you are over 18 - please contact your operator for details should this policy affect you or you may refer to Privay Policy.

10. Does my personal data secure when use mobile to access FB88?

Your personal data is FB88's primary concern.

We employ 128-bit end to end encryption for all transactions to ensure your personal information is safe when moving between your mobile device and our servers.

Your account information is stored on our back-end systems, not on the mobile software/service.