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About our Rewards Program

Our Rewards Program is designed to offer the best and most exciting online casino bonuses out there. These rewards range from getting incentives for participating in events, earning benefits you can use while playing your favorite games and acquiring exchange points for additional freebies we’re giving out for the day.

We structured our Rewards Program to offer an added-value for every spin and wager our players make. These benefits extend to the leisurely experience we provide our players through 24/7 support and promotions tailored to our players’ gaming preferences.

Our casino’s Reward Program adheres to our Terms and Conditions. We constantly look forward to our players’ suggestions on improvements we can make on the site.

Promotions and Acquiring Points

Earning Points is a feature for our Rewards Club members. It starts when a player completes his/her registration process. Real money wagers earn members the points they can use to redeem goodies whenever they play video slots, table games, sports betting and live casinos.

Additionally, every 50 USD wager (or its equivalent value in another currency) in Sportsbook / Live Casinos / Slots / Lottery earn One (1) point.

Collecting Reward Points will not require players to contact Customer Support. These will be reflected by the system between 5-7 working days from the day a qualifying wager was made.

Important Note:
All TIE bets / Draw / Cancel / Void / Refund will not be part of the calculations for Reward Points.

Redeeming Points

What’s the point of earning points if you can’t use them? Our VIP Club offers added-value to every real money wager our players make. Points can be exchanged in our Rewards tab where players can activate benefits like deposit bonuses, free spins, and a whole lot of other treats to give you the best VIP experience online.

Players must note that these points are strictly bound to the account they were collected in. Any form of point transfer to another account is not and will not be featured nor supported.

Expiration of Points

Acquired points have a specified lifespan wherein players must use them. Players may refer to the list below to sufficiently enjoy the points they garnered from continuously playing.

For VIP Beginner, earned points will be valid for forty- five (45) days

For VIP Professional, earned points will be valid for sixty (60) days

For VIP Master, earned points will be valid for ninety (90) days

For VIP Legend, earned points have no expiration date

For VIP God of Gambler, earned points have no expiration date

Security Statement

The security and integrity of our player transaction is a commitment we consider as a top priority. As a result, our support staff may ask to confirm the personal details our players shared with us from their registration, such as: Name, Address, Reachable Contact Number, Birth Date and E-mail address. Our support team reserves the right to seek any additional information to confirm transactions made for high value exchanges.

We adhere to strict data privacy policies and as such, we do not share our members’ information to any unauthorized individual or organization. Should anyone contact you claiming representation of our site to ask for compensation in exchange for a service, kindly let our support staff know through [email protected]