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Rewards Club FAQ

All our players are important to us! Informing you of what you can get from playing is part of our commitment to serving you better. Get to know our Rewards Programs to find out how you can take advantage of the freebies we’re giving away:

What is a reward point?

Reward points are an incentive that can be accumulated to be exchanged for additional benefits/items in our Rewards Tab. These are automatically credited the players accounts.

How to earn reward points?

Adding value to every wager you make is an integral part of our premium online casino service. That’s why every qualifying wager made (see Terms and Conditions page) earns the player a corresponding Reward Point.

Do I need to sign up for the Rewards Program?

Completing the registration process immediately qualifies players for the Reward Program. There is no separate sign-up for this feature.

If anyone contacts you to sign-up for our Rewards Program, kindly avoid giving out your information and contact our support staff immediately at [email protected]

Will my reward points expire?

Acquired points have a specified lifespan wherein players must use them. Players may refer to the list below to sufficiently enjoy the points they garnered from continuously playing.

For VIP Beginner, earned points will be valid for forty- five (45) days
For VIP Professional, earned points will be valid for sixty (60) days
For VIP Master, earned points will be valid for ninety (90) days
For VIP Legend, earned points have no expiration date
For VIP God of Gambler, earned points have no expiration date

When will I see reward points to be reflected in my account?

Rewards points are credited between 5 -7 working days from the date the qualifying wager was made to verify the transaction.

Is Tie Bets / Void / Draw / Cancel being calculated for earning reward points?

No. Bets under these conditions will not qualify for a Reward Point.

Can I transfer my points?

No. Rewards Points cannot be transferred to another account.

How to see if I am earning points?

You may login your account and click on the Rewards Tab to see your progress. Your total available points will be reflected in the page. You may also view your past transactions using Reward Points using the “Reward Point Statement” function.

What am I able to redeem?

A lot. You may redeem Free Plays, Bonuses and even useful merchandise. You can redeem these items by logging in and checking out the Rewards tab. You can see all sorts of reward categories that will suit your taste. Simply click on an item and verify your information to get your stuff delivered/credited to you.

What is the meaning of Pending, Successful or Rejected from rewards redemption statement?

Status Description Turnaround Time

Transaction is awaiting verification.
Points are immediately deducted from the available balance.

Within 2-3 working days

This indicates that your request has been successful:
For Free Plays, this means your reward has been credited to your account.
For Products/Merchandise, your requested item has been sent out for delivery.


Voided redemption request:
- Member’s request due to changes
- Request do not meet/breach our Terms and Conditions
- Item is Out of Stock
- Other Reasons.
Your points are credited back your account


What are Free Bets and Product Redemption?

Players may choose between two primary forms of Reward. These are “Free Bets” and “Products/Items” as listed below:

Redeeming FREE BETS:

  1. How long does it take if I redeem “Free Plays” using my Reward Points?
    • Free Plays are immediately credited to your account upon a successful transaction. Kindly contact support if this is not the case.
  2. Can I convert my “Free Play” to another currency?
    • Sadly, no. Free Plays are only credited in the currency you currently have active on your account.
  3. Is there any form of roll over required before I can withdraw the “Free bet” amount?
    • Yes, 1 time roll overs are required for Freebet amount. However, our General Terms and Conditions still apply.


  1. What kind of products can I redeem?
    • Products that can be redeemed range from Sport Merchandise, Electronic Gadgets and many more. Kindly visit the Rewards tab to find the full list of available products
  2. Is insurance included in your products – especially high value ones?
    • Insurance/Warranty is included with the product. However, products considered to be of high value must be addressed directly with the supplier. Kindly contact support for more information.
  3. Can I return the products I redeemed?
    • Products that have been delivered cannot be returned. Refund is also not allowed. Should a product not work properly, you may reach our support staff, preferably within 5 days from product delivery to your doorstep, to ask for assistance.
  4. Will there be any charges for delivery?
    • No, players are not charged any form of delivery fee.
  5. When can I expect my redeemed products to arrive?
    • This hugely depends on the player’s location. On average, there will be a 10-day verification process. Afterwards, it may take an average of 5-15 working days for the product to be delivered to your doorstep. You may check your Redemption Statement to see a delivery’s status.

Note: Availability of products is strictly based on the stock available near a player’s designated delivery address.

Does my account still earn reward points if I’m under Rebate or Reload Program?

Yes, players can still earn reward points even if they’re signed up on these programs.