What is the FB88.Com VIP Program?

We believe that all our players are FB88.Com royalty and make sure that they get superior treatment at all times, as soon as you make your 1st deposit, then, the sky's the limit, as you step up the VIP ladder – our FB88.Com VIP Account Manager will shower you with exceptional rewards.

How to become a VIP?

The more you enjoy playing the wide range of great games at FB88.Com, the closer you are to becoming an FB88.Com VIP!
Our customer service system monitors consistent and/or high-stakes players on the site. After meeting a set of criteria, qualified players are invited by our VIP Support Team to join our site’s prestigious VIP Club to enjoy all its exclusive benefits!

What do I need to do to be VIP?

Visit this page to see what’s you need to enjoy all exclusive VIP benefits.

What exclusive benefits do I get as VIP?

  • VIP Welcome Bonus – A special one-off bonus just for becoming our latest VIP!
  • Increased deposit limits – Sensible deposits to suit you. You want to play more, so you want to deposit more!
  • VIP promotions – Hi-tech gadgets, TVs, laptops, Jewellery, weekend getaways and more!
  • A Weekly Appreciation Reward – Our way of saying thank you for your continued loyalty.
  • Invitations to sumptuous hospitality events – From sports events and concerts to city breaks and luxury holidays!
  • Additional VIP bonus offers – Match-up cash prizes and bankroll boosts!
  • Your very own Personal Account Manager – Personal service when it suits you!
  • VIP High Stake tables – If you want to bet big, we let you!
  • Exclusive VIP support team – Specially trained to take VIP calls, chats and emails on all aspects of your playing experience.
  • Birthday gift – As a VIP member, look out for a celebratory birthday gift from us, rewarded at our discretion.
  • Faster withdrawal times - enjoy your winnings more quickly.
  • VIP membership for life - once a VIP, always a VIP at FB88.com/VIP
And find out more on VIP page to see you can get for each VIP level.

How many levels does the FB88.Com VIP have?

The VIP at FB88.Com has 5 Nobel Title. The higher the level you achieve the better the benefits will be for you throughout the month.

In which level do I start?

Every player starts in Noble Title Beginner.

How long can I be a VIP?

Each VIP level has a corresponding validity duration which you can view here. But players can have this waived by getting into the Top highest VIP levels to redeem VIP rewards, hassle-free!

How do I get into a higher level?

You will accumulate stake amount on all games. At the beginning of every month your stake amount of the previous month is evaluated and based on your total, you will be assigned a level for the current month.

When are the levels evaluated?

On the 1st of each calendar month, the total stake for the previous month are checked and players will be assigned their level for the current month.

How to maintain VIP Status?

VIP Players need to maintain turnover requirements within 30days from the date he was listed in the VIP list.

Player will be removed from the VIP list or will be scaled down to the preceding VIP level if VIP player completely failed to meet the requirements after 30 days. And of course, you gain a PERMANENT VIP status if you get into the Top highest VIP levels.

What happens if I do not play for 03 months?

You can only drop 5 level after 03 months.

For example, if you are on Professional Level 6 the lowest level you can be on the next 03 months is Professional Level 1. We will always make exceptions for special members so contact us if you have any queries.

How can I see which level I am in?

You can see your current VIP level in the VIP section within the Cashier.

How can I claim a bonus offered to players of a higher level?

Bonuses can be claimed only by players of the specific level. If you accumulate enough stake amount in the current month to increase your level, you will then be able to claim better rewards.

How do I receive free gifts?

You will receive bundles of gifts which include bonuses, spins and personalized gifts automatically, according to your loyalty level. However, to be eligible for any free gifts, you need to have made at least one deposit in the last 1 months.

What is a Level-up Bonus?

There are several levels of VIP Clubs in FB88.Com and as you become one of our more seasoned players, you move up through the VIP levels. As an acknowledgement of your loyalty and achievement, as you move from one VIP level to the next, you will receive a Level-up Bonus.

Are there monthly/annual or fees I need to pay to be part or to maintain by VIP Club membership?

Absolutely not. Our VIP Club was made to reward our most loyal players. No one from our VIP support staff will ask any player, be it a potential VIP member or current member/s, for any monetary compensation to be admitted into the VIP Club or to maintain his/her VIP Club membership.

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