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Our mission is to deliver the world's best level of service, composing a seamless delivery of satisfaction, personalization profiling, professionalism, best degree in service, intencives and rewards, resulting in the ultimate VIP gaming programme experience


At FB88.COM we want to provide an excellent customer service,that is why as a member of our VIP club you will have your personal account manager, whom you will be able to contact at any time. Their goal is to make your experience second-to-none, by offering you a promt and personal service!


Being a FB88 VIP allows you to experience the highest valued services, which is the most special offers for VIP players compare with other. The VIP club start from beginning title to the highest title god of gambler. In the FB88 VIP CLUB, we give you the power to earn lower fees, 24/7 customer supporting immediately, highest security, special promotions, special birthday gifts and valued rewards. Move over, FB88 VIP program offers the best value for player to have the most comfortable playing environment, the highest convenience, and unlimited access to new features.


We have one of the most rewarding and prestige VIP Programs around. You get more for your play when you're a VIP. Deposit & withdraw exclusive limits, cash bonuses, special monthly VIP selected lucky player promotions, weekly exclusive and premium cashback rate, luxary trips to spectacular places, and giveaways of the latest hight-end gadgets. It's all play for.

  • Dedicated VIP Team
  • Exclusive Newsletters
  • Exclusive Special Promotion Access

Do you think you are the one to should Join this Club?

At FB88.com we look for players who have been active for more than a couple of months.
Your value is defined by regular visits, frequent deposits as well as sessions involving some big amounts of turnover.
The more you visit FB88.COM, the greater is your chance of being spotted by our VIP Team. If you are a regular on our daily, weekly and monthly player reports, be sure that you will be noticed.
All your transactions, including all products are constantly monitored and our VIP team takes special notice of players who play across multiple products.

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